Timeframe was founded in the 1990s as the film unit of the Friends of the Museum, dedicated to the making and preservation of audio-visual material concerning the history of Braintree District. Over the years it has been instrumental in preserving oral histories, recounting people’s past lives in the area, and the making of films and documentaries about our local heritage. Much of this valuable work has been done by Friends members David Stubbs and Brian Joscelyne; both very able film makers.

The DVDs and CDs produced by Timeframe are sold through the Museum shop and, once a year, the Friends hold a Timeframe evening, when some of these locally-produced films can be seen by members.

One notable success in recent years has been the production of ‘A Walk with Henry’ – a film tracing the history of Bradford Street through a look at the individual properties which make up that historic street. Films have also been made about celebrations in our District; walks along the River Pant; reminiscences of an old agricultural worker; the Warner Textile Archive; and Coggeshall lace.

The Museum Shop has for sale the followingTimeframe DVDs:-

  •  “A Walk with Henry” –  The History of Bradford Street.
  • “A Musical Celebration of the Natural World – A Tribute to John Ray – May Day in Bocking”
  • “Were You There? – 2006” – History Fair, Public Gardens, Christmas.
  • “Village Stories – A Countryman’s Tale – Times Past – Coggeshall Lace”.
  • “Carnival – Braintree Celebrates – 1952-2002”
  • “Coggeshall Lace”
  • “Learning for Life – Building for the Future”.