Object of Interest


Pinwheel Calculator c1920


For those of us old enough to remember the pre-computer age, this will be a  familiar-enough item, but for those younger viewers it looks like something out of Bletchley Park. It is in fact an Original Odhner calculating machine from the 1920s – in fact a Model 8 measuring 40 cms X 13 cms X 12 cms. These machines were originally made by Willgodt Odhner in the late 19th century and later by his legal successors, moving from St. Petersburg in Russia to Sweden after the Russian Revolution in 1917. For the technical minded the Model 8 was a tens-carry machine and would have been used in many offices throughout western Europe up until the introduction of electronic hand-held machines. The machine illustrated has the Model No. M-802-No.8 and the individual machine No. 24-269840. These calculators were marketed in the UK by Block and Anderson (London and Darlington).