‘Chronicles’ The Magazine of the Friends of the Museum

The first copy of ‘Chronicles’ appeared in the autumn of 1994. It was then an eight-page booklet with the pages loose inside a green cover and illustrated by black and white line drawings. Over the years, however, it has taken on a more professional aspect and now appears as a 28-40 page magazine, stapled inside a high quality cover bearing a design by an artist trained at Holborn’s School of Graphic Art.

The magazine, which is free to all members of the Friends, comes out to alternate with the Newsletter, ie. one issue one year in June and two issues the following year. Inside it, you will find a great variety of subjects, some directly concerned with Braintree’s Museum, others about history and crafts, as well as the personal reminiscences of local residents growing up in or around the Braintree district in years gone by. Many of these are illustrated by colour photographs. There is also a photo-quiz and photographs of school groups from the past. In ‘Chronicles’, during a normal year when the Museum is open to the public, you will also find programmes of events, both at the Museum and at the Warner Archive, and of talks and visits organised by the Friends.

As you can imagine, ‘Chronicles’ relies heavily on contributions by local people who are able to supply long-forgotten documents and personal memorabilia. We cannot thank these contributors too highly, for they are the life-blood of our magazine, and we would ask anyone who feels they have such treasures tucked away to search diligently for them and send them to the Editor, Chris Thompson, at ‘Flanders House’, 222 Panfield Lane, Braintree, CM7 5RJ, or to email them to him on Those who feel that they lack some literary skills need not worry, as contributions can easily be ‘tidied up’. Our message is to ‘keep them rolling in’.

The 2021 Spring issue of the magazine is now out and contains, amongst other things, an article on a 1930s walk revisited; one on Essex in the mid-18th century; a survey of Braintree High Street carried out by the U3A; and, following on from last year’s Courtauld exhibition at the Museum, an article on  the aircraft Gastrikland which played a part in the rescue of Augustine Courtauld from the Greenland ice-cap in 1931. On a similar theme there are articles on Samuel Courtauld III and the Rates Case and on Samuel Courtauld IV’s ambition to bring art to the people. Also welcome, there is a fascinating article by Ian Lamprell on medieval Bocking and its Park.

For those people not yet members of the Friends, copies of the magazine can be bought from the Editor (see above).


The Newsletter is sent to members, which reports on past events, contains news on the Museum and Warner Textile Archive and gives details of forthcoming activities, talks and events.

News Sheet

To keep in touch, in addition to Chronicles and the Newsletter, we published a News sheet in  April.